Fields Of Law

Zealous Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested, you need to know your legal rights; and you need representation immediately.  If you are arrested for DUI you have a right to consult with counsel BEFORE you can be required to blow into a breath testing machine.

Personal Injury


Appeals to Federal, Supreme or Superior Courts


Driving Under the Influence

Before you get ticketed for DUI, know your rights.  Read our Five Rules to Avoid DUI Arrest.

If you already have been ticketed for DUI, call us so we can either consult with you for how to handle your case or take over for you.


Employment litigation

If you are injured on the job, or discriminated against for a job based on your race, national origin, sex or religion you may have a right to sue.



Contact us if you need advice on immigration matters such as the consequences of a conviction, or if you are being detained by ICE, facing deportation or need help with a "Green Card."



Whether you have a contract dispute, or need help drafting a contract, we can help.