Personal Injury

Decade of Personal Injury Practice

With a decade of experience, we are proud to have made a significant impact on the lives of our injured clients. Our clients come to us with serious injuries. So we explore every avenue of protection. We solve problems in the best interest of our client by listening to the facts and circumstances surrounding the incidents.  We focus on what our client needs and deserves within the written law.


The law firm of Paul A. Clark zealously advocates for their clients facing personal injury cases. We get results for cases involving:

  1. Automobile accidents
  2. Motorcycle accidents
  3. Trucking accidents
  4. Slip and falls
  5. Pedestrian and bicycle
  6. Among other cases

What sets this firm apart from all the other firms is the personal attention dedicated to each client’s needs because we understand how sensitive personal injury is to you.


Firm Maximizes Compensation

We take pride in achieving success in recovering maximum compensation for your suffering.  Our clients value how we, together, maximize compensation for their life changing trauma.   Our clients tell us compensation is beyond clients’ expectation.


Protecting our clients’ rights, your rights, is our highest priority and mission.  We believe our country’s legal system works best when justice is upheld.  For that reason, we extend ourselves and take calculated risks to ensure justice for our clients.
Our heavy appellate experience means we understand the fine grain nuance of the law. This gives us a greater advantage at the trial court level.   After all the best way to win an appeal is to win at trial first.



5 Critical Facts About Personal Injury