Zealous Criminal Defense

You must have the best defense.  


Fifty Criminal Trials and Counting

Mr. Clark has conducted over fifty criminal trials.  He has authored major publications on proper criminal defense which have been cited by others.  This shows his mastery over these areas of law which will help your case.  His areas of specialization include:

Drunk Driving

The legal and scientific intricacies of “drunk driving” are incredibly complex. Do you know how a “breathalyzer” works? Neither do the cops, or prosecutors, or the judges. You need someone who does know. Clark has conducted  at least a dozen DUI trials. One of Clark’s clients was charged with DUI twice in a one-week period. Clark got one dismissed by the judge and the other resulted in an acquittal after a jury trial.


Domestic Violence

There are special rules for so-called domestic violence that do not apply any other type of case. You need someone who knows the rules. Clark has represented over 100 people charged with crimes of domestic violence, and done over a dozen such trials.


Weapons Offenses

Did you know possession of a tree branch is a crime in New Jersey? In State v. Cook, 693 A.2d 483 (N.J. Super. App. Div. 1996) was convicted of possession of an illegal weapon for picking up a tree branch. If you are charged with a crime for possession of some object you may nneed help to negotiate the intricate web of what is legal and illegal.


Violating Conditions of Probation/Parole

Clark has defended dozens of people accused of violating conditions of probation or parole. Most conditions of probation are unconstitutional. If you are on probation or parole you may wish to contest the legality of restrictions even if you are not charged with violating them.


Forged Within the Highest Courts in New Jersey

With all of the above background, Attorney Paul A. Clark now assists citizens who need powerful and aggressive criminal defense from a knowledgeable and seasoned attorney.

For your criminal defense, you need Mr. Clark’s galvanized experience.  His knowledge was forged within the highest courts of New Jersey.  He knows what the D.A. is looking for.  He knows the moves, so he can anticipate a counter move, in advance.  He knows the procedures and protocols so he knows how to argue the technicals.  He knows the players and the system so he knows how to get results for you.

Call us today for a consultation where you can get your pressing concerns understood.  He can be reached at (202) 368 5435.



What We Can Do For You

  1. Consultation on the charges, defenses, outcomes, and strategies
  2. Consultation on the trial court decisions
  3. Consultation on the merits of proceeding with an appeal
  4. Preparation and filing of motions, petitions, briefs and other court documents
  5. Full service representation on all of the above


5 Critical Facts About Criminal Defense


  1. Most important is to consolidate all the facts at the time of the incident.  Pull together receipts, photos, videos, phone records, text message photos, and write what people wore, how many people, and what the environment looks like.