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Attorney Paul A. Clark’s Current Achievements


Licensed in all New Jersey State Courts

Mr. Clark is licensed to practice in all New Jersey Courts from the Municipal Courts to the highest Supreme Court.  So whether you have a case involving your local municipality or matters that you feel you would like to appeal to higher courts, Mr. Clark is recognized by the New Jersey Bar Association as the attorney who can provide you representation at these levels.


Licensed for Federal Claims 

If your claim includes money damages against the United States, disputes over federal contracts, unlawful seizure of private property by the federal government, or other claims against the United States and if you live in New Jersey or the claim occurred in New Jersey, then your claim must be handled by the New Jersey District Court.  Attorney Paul A. Clark is licensed to practice in the New Jersey District Court which are located in Newark, Trenton, and Camden.  The NJ District Court is the trial court for the federal court system.  This court has jurisdiction to hear your matter, If your civil or criminal matter has claims against the United States.


Licensed for Appeals to a U.S. Federal Court

If your matter requires an appeal to the United States' Federal Court, Mr. Clark will represent you.  His significant knowledge in appellate court is listed in other sections of this website.  You can find appeal information helpful to you in our appeal section.


Professional Experience With Top Judges, Attorneys and Professors

Attorney Paul Clark has had the privilege of and gained significant experience from working with Honorable Judge Consuelo María Callahan, Honorable Judge Richard Allen Posner, and professor David P. Currie.

Clark gained significant experience and appellate knowledge by closely assisting the premier New Jersey appellate lawyer and author of New Jersey practice manual, Justice Peter Verniero with the law firm Sills Cummis & Gross P.C.


Juris Doctor, Doctor of Philosophy, and Master of Arts

Having earned three significant degrees, Attorney Paul Clark has a deep understanding of the written case law and has a honed ability to process substantial information systematically.  He has a trained aptitude for understanding the nuances of cases.  This will benefit you in agressively arguing the finer points of law on your behalf.

Clark earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the prestigious University of Chicago Law School.

He earned his Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Arts from the Catholic University of America.

He was awarded the coveted Graduating Order of the Coif by being top 10 percent in his class.