Over 10 Appeals

The law office of Paul A. Clark, Esquire specializes in appeals to the highest Federal courts in New Jersey ... from the trial court to the Intermediate Court and to the Supreme Court in the state of New Jersey.  We have successfully argued over ten appeals and counting.  If your Trial Court decision is not what you expected, our firm can help you.  At a minimum, contact us to consult with you on the merits of an appeal before you commit to appeal and more importantly before you loose your time to file an appeal.



Only a Few Weeks To Appeal

The higher courts only provide you with 30 to 45 days within which to appeal.  You have the option to ask the Trial Court to Reconsider their decision.  This would Toll the time to appeal.  However, you only have 20 days to file a Reconsideration.  So, if any of this applies to your situation, call us right away.  We can ask the higher courts for an extension of time.  This will give you more time to decide if an appeal is meritorious for your decision.  We can help you with filing an extension of time.



What’s an Appeal

An appeal is asking a higher court to evaluate the decision of the lower court for errors of law, findings of fact or abuse of discretion.  It’s not a re-do.

Since most courts can be appealed, the terms ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ are used.  The county court can be appealed to New Jersey’s Intermediate Court.  The Intermediate Court’s decision can be appealed to the Supreme Court.  So on.



When to Appeal

The decision to appeal must be made carefully based on whether the lower court erred on one of only three standards of review: Error of law, Findings of Fact, or Abuse of Discretion.

Error of Law is ADD LANGUAGE

Findings of Fact is ADD LANGUAGE

Abuse of Discretion is ADD LANGUAGE


If your court order, decision, or opinion has an Error of Law, call us right away because you will have the most success in winning that.  With our experience on over one hundred appeals, we will get you results.  If your court order, decision, or opinion has an abuse of discretion, you can still shape the law with our help.  If  your court order, decision, or opinion has wrong findings of facts, we should certainly evaluate the merits of your issue.

Our firm can help you decide and evaluate whether to file an appeal or not.  Call us at (202) 368 5435.


Appellate Services Offered

The law office of Paul A. Clark, Esquire provides the following appellate services.  Many of our clients like to take small steps and to approach the decision to appeal with caution.  The decision to appeal has pros and cons.  We can take that burden off your shoulders to help you evaluate the pros and cons.  We can help you with any one or more of the following services.  You can start with the first service then decide to take the second service and so on.  Many of our clients know right away that they want to appeal so they go directly with the full appellate service. 

  1. Consultation on your lower court decision (such as trial court)
  2. Consultation on the merits of an appeal
  3. Consultation, preparation and filing of a Notice of Appeal, Case Information Statement, and other required documents
  4. Consultation, preparation and filing of special requests including an extension of time or appealing interlocutory. ANY OTHERS?
  5. Consultation, preparation and filing of Appellant Briefs, Appellee Briefs, Appellant Cross-Briefs, Appellee Cross-Briefs, Reply Briefs and Reproduced Records.
  6. Full appellate services of all of the above
  7. So for a confidential consultation, call us before your 45 days to appeal are past.  Our phone number is (202) 368 5435.


The firm has successfully appealed over ten decisions.  They are summarized and categorized on this page for your convenience.  If any of these apply to your legal situation, call us immediately so we can help you at (202) 368 5435.


Has Shaped the Law

Very few lawyers and judges get to change the law.  Attorney Paul A. Clark has shaped the law through two published opinions.  Published opinions shape the law by becoming the new standard on that issue; by being printed in legal books and law publications and judicial journals; and by resulting in a positive disposition for his client.

Attorney Clark has five published Supreme Court decisions which have shaped the law.  He has four published Appellate Court decisions which have shaped the law.  These powerful decisions can be found on the Internet and in legal publications.  They are summarized below for you.



Important Appeals You Should Read

Following are a few of the appeals successfully argued by Attorney Paul A. Clark.  They are a representative sample of a variety of case types (criminal and civil.)  He has defended his position when the case was won at the lower court.  And he has reversed the decision when the case was lost at the lower court.  You can find the cases on Google Scholar for free, the links are provided below.


In Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Bd., 531 US 70 - Supreme Court 2000, attorney Paul A. Clark successfully obtained an order to be vacated and a remand to the lower court with instructions.


In Zelman v. Simmons-Harris, 536 US 639 - Supreme Court 2002, attorney Paul A. Clark, successfully ...


PAUL DO YOU HAVE ANY FROM scholar.google.com?


5 Critical Facts About Appeals


  1. You only have a few weeks to appeal.  The exact number of days varies based on which court you’re appealing to.
  2. You can ask for more time to decide.
  3. Before you appeal, it might be easier and quicker to ask the lower court to reconsider new or unseen facts.
  4. There’s only three reasons to appeal: Error of Law, Finding of Facts, and Abuse Discretion.
  5. Make your appellant brief the only brief the higher court judges turn to for the full balanced story.